Friday, January 22, 2016

Drink up me 'earties, yo ho. Day Four, Holed Up in a Harbor

Well, the rain day is here. We ended up moving Arielle (Temp Name) to a different location. We are having a hard time figuring out how much rode (Anchor Line, Damn sailing terms) we let out. When the rain and winds started we were swinging way close to a sea wall and I really wasn't comfortable with this knowing that we had 25+ knot winds coming. So we relocated into the harbor 30 yards then just held down the fort. It literally pure all day like someone up above had their water break. It wasn't fun. Around 5PM it started to let up and I was able to catch a rather cool picture of Miami under weather siege.

The waved died down and the winds stopped, it was almost eerie. Especially knowing what was coming tonight and tomorrow.

We learned a few things again. Sailboats leak. I have more maintenance to do. A couple windows need some maintenance on the seals. No big deal but certainly supports the "boats are a hole in the ocean where all your money goes" theory. 

Oh, we haven't talked about dinghy issues. Good god, people are annoying. If you own a dinghy, you are satan, I have figured that one out. But that is probably another story. For now I am tired, I need some sleep and I see tomorrow possibly being a very long day. Good news? Sunday is looking like an awesome sail day! 

Night all! 

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