Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who goes there? What Scurvy Varmint scurry to the back of thee fridge.

A Very interesting return to the boat last night. First things first, we are now permanently on the boat. No more in-between land. Can I get a Halleluiah and an Amen!

There is always something to learn on a boat and I've got to get better at capturing mishaps or as we shall call them Captain Scooterisms, on video and image. After a grueling 2 day slog from Maryland to Marathon, we walked into the boat and the first thing I did was power up the boat. As I was flipping on switches I thought, wow, that's strange, the fridge and freezer are off. Then it hit me, the FRIDGE AND FREEZER ARE OFF!!!

I ran to the freezer and opened it up and was hit with a wave of gasses and odors that would make any CSI forensic Scientist puke. The gray sludge that was once hamburger was bulging out of its package, the chicken rolled its single green eye at me and grinned a zombie grin and when I opened the fridge I swear something orange and slimy scurried to to back of the fridge, it turns out carrots melt and come to life after two weeks of dark warm humid brewing.

Now, I am 99.999% sure the Fridge and Freezer were on when We left two weeks ago, I double and Tripple checked, so it appears I am getting old because I have no explanation.

We immediately remove all the nasty ooze and I proceed to scrubbing the freezer with a solution of Clorox, dish soap and water. Score! The freezer has a drain so this will be a breeze. Rinse with lots of water, dry, done. After I get the freezer spotless I bend over to open the fridge and as I do gallons of soapy, scummy, stinky water rush out of the fridge and onto the floor and into the bilge. Guess where the freezer drains. Yep!

I see the fridge has a drain but it isn't draining, what's a drain for if it doesn't drain? And so I proceed to mop the floor of slime and sponge out the fridge and after an hour or so we are clorox fresh and I am baffled as to why the fridge isn't draining the rest off the water out. I get most with a sponge. Oh well, it's 1:00 am, time to sleep.

The next morning, with a fresh mind, I google "Beneteau 423 Fridge won't drain" and find his really nice article from accompanied by the attached picture. Oh look, a switch that says fridge drain. I run into my galley and right there in plain sight someone snuck in during the night and installed a brand new fridge drain. I am such a lucky guy! I pressed the button and guess what happened....

Yep, the fridge drained the remaining 1 tbls of water, the other gallon, well, let's hope the bilge pump took care of that.

Lessons learned