About Us

Meet the Captain and his mate. We have been on many adventures but this is by far the most daring. Karla and I met in the Early 90's and decided the adventure must go on. We have owned a home in Hawaii, Learned how to SCUBA, I became a Master SCUBA diver Trainer and have trained thousands of divers. We purchased a home in Roatan Honduras, Pure Paradise and have traveled the Caribbean in one fashion or another. Our 5 children and 13 Grandchildren think we are nuts, Heck, I think we are nuts.

Karla started this journey as a Project Manager Assistant and Contract administrator for a Window Covering company. Me, I have been the typical nerd most my life working my way from programming, Working in nuclear Medicine and ultimately as the Vice President of a Software and Data Company. In June 2014 I was informed that my company was up for sale and being one of 4 executives in the company and the only one unaware of the deal, I was done in. I was told that irregardless of the sale, there was no longer room for me or my team in the company, Basically, the company was under crappy management and as such, was in it's death throws and I was soon to be out of a job.

And so the adventure begins, or should I say, Continues.